Zagaboo is a troll king who rules a magical kingdom deep underground beneath the biggest tree in the forest. Many trolls live there with Zagaboo, each with very different talents. With the help of gophers, their closest friends and assistants, they've dug thousands of chambers and built swimming pools, ponds, soccer fields, dance studios, and jungle gyms made of huge letters. There, they teach children how to overcome the challenges of learning how to swim, fish, play sports, dance, read, or whatever they want to do! All little boys and girls need to say is, "Zagaboo, Zagaboo, where are you?" and pinch their ear before going to sleep. Zagaboo's purple marble will glow, signaling they need help and want to go to Zagaboo's Kingdom.

Once there, the adventures and learning begin!


FIVE STARS - A Great Lesson For The Young and Young-at-Heart, January 5, 2015

If you're looking for a book for your child that you can enjoy alongside them, this is the one for you. The illustrations are colorful, vibrant, and really bring the story to life. The story itself is wonderfully imaginative and teaches children great lessons about courage and open-mindedness.

Looking forward to further entries in the series!


Zagaboo wants to inspire children to expand their boundaries by trying things the troll way: swim like a troll; spell like a troll; dance like a troll, dig artifacts like a troll. Once they try it the troll way in his magical kingdom, he hopes they'll have some basic skills and enough motivation to try things in people land.